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We are known for staying true to our word. We always put you first in our daily schedule. TruRelief has always worked hard to earn its reputation and every single one of our customers is just another part of our growing family. We as a company have 15 years of experience in insurance claims, supplements, roofing, siding, gutters and most of all your home improvement needs. We have dealt with many storms including the recent hail storms. At TruRelief Claims Consultants, we’re all about family. Our company was founded with family and friends who sought “higher than industry standards” for our customers. In 2011 when TruRelief was founded, it derived from one principle moral: Integrity. At TruRelief Claims Consultants, we have a definition of integrity . . . “Always do the right things, even if no one is looking”. It’s our strong sense of family morals & integrity that has propelled us to forge a relationship with our friends at OwensCorning. They share the same ideals and commitment to the client as TruRelief Claims Consultants. Together we have an alliance which gives us an edge to which no other contractor can compete.


James Ortega


General Manager

Matt St. Louis


Production Manager

Danielle Ortega


Field Supervisor

Michael Torres


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North Carolina


109 Winchester Ave

Monroe N.C.    28110

Office          (704) 756-9921

Toll Free     (855) 832-6878


112 South Blount ST Suite 102

Raleigh N.C         27603

Office         (919) 702-5667

Toll Free    (855) 832-6878



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